The Perth Mint 2023 November Bulletin | Page 2

Heart-warming Christmas tale

The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings is thought to originate in the tale of a family ’ s fall into poverty . Although the couple worried deeply about the future of their three daughters , they were too proud to accept charity .
Concerned by these events , Saint Nicholas climbed onto the roof of their house one night and secretly dropped gold coins down the chimney . They fell into the sisters ’ stockings , which had been left by the fireside to dry .
The family was overjoyed on finding the coins in the morning , and to this day children hang up stockings on Christmas Eve hoping to find them filled with gifts when they awake .
With a 24-carat gold-plated stocking at its centre , this beautiful 2oz 99.99 % pure silver antiqued piece is a wonderful celebration of a much-loved Christmas tradition .
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